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Design services include circuit and PCB design.

Software services provided is for creation of microprocessor code for PIC range of controllers,

8051 based microprocessors or any platform base chosen.

PC software programs can be written as visual basic, DOS programmes or down to BIOS level.

All you need is a basic concept of what you need - we can do the rest!

Circuit and PCB design are completed using "Protel" design suite.

Mechanical design uses a CAD package to ensure compatability of replacement parts as well

as producing .dxf files

which may be loaded directly into a laser profile cutter to produce intricate shapes and cutouts to

a high degree of accuracy.

Hardware design extends to mechanical design, some examples of past projects are as follows....

Other designs range from a variety of automotive products such as auto window winder, immobilisers,

electronics switching,

anti theft level detectors, etc to full analytical instruments.

Almost all instruments are microprocessor based and many incorporate some form of remote control.

Autosamplers have been a significant part of operations with a semi automatic laboratory still operating in Jamaica. 

A significant number of ovens have been designed giving a very even temperature control and sample mixing.

Circuit design uses SMT (surface mount technology) where needed for size or through hole for ease of maintenance.

Final costing of production is a major factor - particularly in consumer and automotive electonics where

competitive pricing is of utmost importance.

Some designs, amongst the hundreds produced, are : Muscle stimulators, data loggers, temperature controllers,

Digital Voltammeter, on-line analysers, computer controlled household lighting, multi-point pressure and

temperature controllers with computer data logging and control, airstrip wind instruments, marine instruments,

engine management systems, remote control for underground "boggers" (30 tonn loader), various displays,

specialised cards for PC's, colouratiometer (for water board) and a variety of material handling machines.


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