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The unit consists of an overall supporting frame of stainless steel with short legs into which screws tubular legs fitted with castors. On one end is fitted a pair of wheels to aid loading and unloading in a vehicle when legs are removed. On the other end is the electronics compartment which is fan - cooled and this compartment also houses the circulating propellers drive motor.


The actual bath has a stainless steel base and framework with 3 sides constructed from 10mm thick "LEXAN" polycarbonate, sealed with neutral cure (non hardening) silicone sealant. The bath has a perforated "false floor" under which is a pair of stainless steel heating elements. At the electronics end of the bath, there is a partition which extends down to the false bottom, behind which is 3 water circulating propellers which is driven via a belt drive by a variable speed DC motor. The unit may be operated with or without this forced circulation. The sample containers are held in a stainless steel rod framework (removable) which does not interfere with water circulation and the standard frame is designed to hold 18 x 1 litre measuring cylinders. The 3 clear sides are insulated by an air gap trapped by an outer clear acrylic wall, sealed at the top to the inner wall. The removable lid is also clear LEXAN with square tube stainless steel frame. The bath is fitted with a drain valve and the false bottom is removable for ease of cleaning.

The heaters total 2.4 KW and are controlled via a solid state relay. The temperature controller is a programmable ramp/step controller (up to 20 steps of ramp/hold may be programmed) with 0.1ºC resolution and the sensor used is a type "K" thermocouple. The user program is held in a non-volatile memory (program remains after power is removed and restored). The ramp - down, or cooling stages are achieved by allowing cool liquid into the bath via a solenoid valve. This solenoid valve also is used for automatically topping up the liquid. The range of control is 0 to 120 ºC and hold times up to 65,000 minutes per step and ramp programmable up to 320.0 minutes per ºC (minimum time per step or maximum ramp speed depends on physical system limitations). The circulation drive motor speed is adjustable. A float switch is wired in series with the solid state relay driving the heaters to prevent the bath heating when water level is excessively low to prevent the unit overheating.

Power requirements is 2.5 KW total and may be ordered to run off any AC mains voltage (specify) and either 50 or 60 Hz. Dual voltage is also available if required (no extra cost). The overall size is 1030mm x 430mm x 600mm high (approx 1100mm high with legs fitted) and the sample compartment bath 300mm x 590mm x 450mm deep (water level approx 410mm).

Packing suitable for road or air transport. "Regular transport" version of the packing (if the unit is to be moved around continually) is also available.  This is made of 12mm plywood, metal reinforced edges and lined with 50mm foam. Fitted with fold - down removable door.

A set of 6 ganged plungers for mixing samples are available if required. The ganged plungers consist of 6 rods 8mm diameter with a 52mm diameter disc on each with 8 x 8mm diameter holes. The design is such as to ensure good mixing of suspended solids prior to settling test. The 6 plungers are fittet to a bar with correct spacing to coincide with the rack sample holder pitch  Suitable sample cylinders are also available individually or in sets of 18.


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