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The water bath is constructed of stainless steel frame with stainless steel panels and bath. The unit is entirely self - contained (no extra modules are required) and has overall dimensions of 760mm x 760mm x 1300mm high. The legs are removable to aid transport and have castors for ease of relocation. The actual water bath is 500mm x 500mm x 300mm.

Heating is by 3 x 1.2 KW stainless steel heating elements - only two are used if only 10 amps is available or the third connected if 15amps is available. Standard supply is 220 to 250 VAC.

The bath is automatically "topped up" by a solenoid valve when

connected to water supply and the fresh water is used should a cooling stage be required. A manual ball valve controlled drain is provided for quick draining of tank.

Temperature control is within +/- 0.1 ºC and is controlled by a

programmable microprocessor based controller with a type K thermocouple sensor. The controller may be programmed with up to 20 steps of ramp up or down (ramps down to 3200 min/ ºC) and hold steps (up to 65000 minutes hold). The user program is held in non - volatile memory which remains indefinitely in the absence of power. The 12 bit a/d converter gives a resolution of 0.1 ºC on temperature set point. The display is a 2 line x 20 character alpha - numeric display and all operation is via a 16 key keypad. An audible alarm is provided for various faults. The controlling of heating is via a solid - state relay (zero - cross) and is proportional control (long pulse).

The rotor is driven by a proven high - reliability brushless geared DC motor with a variable speed drive using speed sense and pulse modulation drive . The rotor is a quick - change type to allow the use of a variety of sample bottles and rotors are "made to order" for any size or shape of sample bottle.  Standard size sample rotors are available to hold 16 x 1000mL, 25 x 500mL or 42 x 250mL sample bottles.

Quality Control Accessories

1) Data logger - this plugs into the front panel and logs temperature via a current output from water bath controller (0 to 1 mA). The data logger may then be plugged into USB port of PC to plot temperature.

2) Serial interface. An RS232C output may be added - this is an isolated output connected to a standard DB9/M connector. The handshake is via software. The baud rate is 2400 bits/second, 8 bit with no parity. The data request is “R” and the temperature is returned as an ASCII decimal string with a deliminator - EG “98.2

3) Alarm output. A 2 change over relay contact output is available for alarm condition indication. This relay contacts are isolated and passive and accessible via front panel socket (matching plug supplied).


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