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The water bath is designed to be carried as two pieces of luggage on air travel and each of the two parts are under 20Kg. The bath module is fitted with covers to resemble a “flight case” and fitted with castors. The overall dimensions of the bath module is 56cm x 40cm x 50cm high when packed. The control module is packed in a standard hard sided suitcase with foam padding; the suitcase also holds spares and instructions.

The bath module is made of stainless steel and with 316 grade stainless  steel bath. The frame is clad by aluminium sheeting to give it a “flight case” look. For transport a cover is fitted that covers drive side and lid to complete the fligh case. Heating is by 2 x 1 KW stainless steel heating elements. The control module is made from aluminium tube with aluminium panels and houses drive system and all electronics. The two modules clip together and plugs connect heaters, float switch and thermocouple in bath module. A drain hose it provided in bath module rather than ball valve to save weight.

Temperature control is within +/- 0.1 ºC and is controlled by a

programmable microprocessor based controller with a type K thermocouple sensor. The controller may be programmed with up to 20 steps of ramp up or down (ramps down to 3200 min/ ºC) and hold steps (up to 65000 minutes hold). The user program is held in non - volatile memory which remains indefinitely in the absence of power. The 12 bit a/d converter gives a resolution of 0.1 ºC on temperature set point. The display is a 2 line x 20 character alpha - numeric display and all operation is via a 16 key keypad. An audible alarm is provided for various faults. The controlling of heating is via a solid - state relay (zero - cross) and is proportional control (long pulse). A float switch in bath cuts power to the heater if water level drops too far - to prevent damage to heaters and seals.

The rotor is driven by a brushless DC motor with speed control housed in control module which coupled to rotor shaft in bath module via slot drive. The rotor is a quick - change type to allow the use of a variety of sample bottles and rotors are "made to order" for any size or shape of sample bottle.  The rotor is half the width of our standard bath rotors. Standard size sample rotors are available to hold 8 x 1000mL, 10 x 500mL or 21 x 250mL sample bottles.


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